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The Biography of Suzanne O'Malley

SUZANNE O'MALLEY's insightful dispatches on the Andrea Yates trial appeared in The New York Times Magazine, Salon.com, O, The Oprah Magazine and on "Dateline NBC." The author's discovery of false testimony during Yates death penalty trial for the drowning deaths of her five children resulted in the reversal of Yates' conviction. Following publication of O'Malley's Edgar-nominated book, "Are You There Alone?:" The Unspeakable Crime of Andrea Yates (Simon & Schuster 2004, Pocketbooks 2005), Yates was retried and now lives in a Texas state mental health facility.

O'Malley blogs regularly for the Huffington Post, teaches at Yale University and has written for NBC's Emmy-winning LAW & ORDER, LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIM'S UNIT and NEW YORK UNDERCOVER.

She produced the documentary UNBORN IN THE USA: INSIDE THE WAR ON ABORTION (2006). She has been an independent producer and on-air News Consultant for NBC and MSNBC, and has appeared on the "Today Show" with Katie Couric, Fox News, the CBS Early Show, CNN-TV "Live Today," TruTV/Court TV's "Catherine Crier Show," MSNBC's "Deborah Norville Tonight," "American Morning with Paula Zahn,"" and National Public Radio's "The Diane Rehm Show."

She is a member of the Screen Actors' Guild, Dramatists' Guild and has served two terms on the Council of the Writers' Guild of America. She was (founding) chairperson of The Creative Coalition's Environment Committee and helped produce the Academy Award-nominated The Last Rivermen, a documentary on the Hudson River fishing industry.

She is a former Editor-at-Large at Inside.com (2000-2001), Contributing Editor of New York Magazine (1994-1996), and senior editor of Esquire Magazine. She was nominated for a National Magazine Award by Redbook in 1997 for an article on legal trends in rape defenses, and by Harper's Bazaar in 1994 for reporting on girl gang initiation rituals involving sex with HIV-positive partners.

Her investigative reporting, articles and reviews have appeared in The New York Times Magazine, The New York Times Book Review, New York Magazine, People, O, the Oprah Magazine, Esquire, Harper's Bazaar, BG Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Ms., Child , Playboy, Redbook, and Texas Monthly. She was restaurant critic for Esquire magazine (1978-80), and book editor/reviewer at Houston City and D Magazine (1979-80).

Her screenplay PRIVATE SCHOOL was produced by Universal Pictures (1983). She has also written LADY BODYGUARDS (Universal, 1984), DUMBBELL (Warner Bros., 1991) and THE WORST PERSON IN NEW YORK (Eastland Entertainment, 1989).

She adapted her bestselling humor book How to Avoid Love and Marriage (1993, Running Press) both for television (Home Box Office, 1989) and stage (John Drew Theater, Summer Festival 1992).

As an actress, Ms. O'Malley appeared at the John Drew Theater in How to Avoid Love & Marriage (1992) and Off-Broadway in the role of Fido in "Arf!" (1990). Her television credits include NBC's LAW & ORDER, ABC'S LOVING and HBO and Showtime Comedy shorts as well as "sit down" comedy on the "Today Show," "Donahue," and television and radio shows in 27 cities across the country and in Great Britain. As a personality, her photo has appeared on the covers of Esquire, Family Weekly, New York and the L.A. Times "Calendar" and been featured in People magazine (1992). She studied acting with Michael Howard and Warren Robertson; and ballet with Igor Youskevitch and Finis Jung.

Ms. O'Malley was raised in Dallas and is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of The University of Texas at Austin. She lectures widely and lives in New York City and Dallas, Texas.

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